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Ariellah performs belly dance all over the world. She studied classical ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance of London for twelve years and has studied and performed belly dance for the past six years, both with Janine Ryle of Danse Mahgreb and as a founding member of The Indigo with Rachel Brice.

Her style infuses traditional Middle Eastern dance with a modern, very dark flavour, that is uniquely her own.

She was most recently featured on the first of its kind “Gothic Belly Dance” DVD and also has her own instructional DVD and currently has other DVD projects in the works.

Ariellah will be teaching her YOGA INFUSED BELLY DANCE workshop on Sunday. See Workshops link above.



Susanna Goldenstein, otherwise known as “SooozhyQ” started studying Middle Eastern percussion in 1994 and performing regularly in 1997. Based in SF, she has also performed in L.A, San Diego, Portland and Eugene OR, and New York City. She loves working with belly dancers, having played for 9 years at Amira Restaurant in San Francisco for amazing soloists Nanna Candelaria, Aliena, Jill Parker, Elizabeth Strong, Zoe Jakes, and Rachel Brice. At Amira she has accompanied many talented musicians such as Mary Ellen Donald (her first Middle Eastern percussion instructor), Mimi Spencer, Nazir Latouf, Susu Pampanin, Faisal Zedan, Reda Darwish and Vince Delgado.

She has a strong passion for blending traditional Middle Eastern rhythms with electronic dance music/culture. She collaborates regularly with Amar, a vibrant member of San Francisco’s world influenced DJ culture and co-founder of Electric Vardo, and is a resident of fantastically fun Triple Power monthly party with co-founders Giamma and Shanti.

SooozhyQ is also a former member of the Strong Current Dance Company, an all woman modern dance company performing works that comment on women’s roles through a feminist perspective, and has performed with Anne Bluethenthal and Dancers, also a modern dance company, committed to cross-cultural collaboration and to creating dance that is women identified, spiritual, passionate, and inclusive of all its member voices.


Freyja began her study of dance in early childhood. Her mother studied Flamenco Dance in Spain and performed it on tour across Europe. Freyja’s dance background includes ballet, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, salsa, club dancing, flamenco and Indian dance.

She has developed her own unique style drawing from many of these sources. Freyja has studied American Cabaret, Turkish and Egyptian styles of belly dance, as well as American Tribal style, which later led to Tribal Fusion. Most recently she has taken up Indonesian dance which she is performing with the San Francisco based group Harsanari.

Freyja has performed all over California , including the Staples Center (home of the LA Lakers), The Ford Ampitheatre and various restaurants and nightclubs. She has also performed extensively in the North East and Europe.

FREYJA will be teaching her POPS AND LOCKS workshop on Sunday. See Workshops link above.


Amar is amongst a handful of local DJs whose taste cuts a path through an abundance of musical selectionsand leads dancefloors into a hypnotic sway like snakesbefore the charmer. In this instance the muse is a masala that brews sounds from the Middle East and Balkans with rhythms of the Asian underground and electric Brazilian vibes. Whether its breaks, bhangra, house, drum & bass or downtempo the global nature of Amar’s sets bridge a multi-culti span from the world to the Bay Area.

As a DJ and promoter, he has collaborated and shared the bill with some of the Bay Area's & world's most innovative Musicians, DJs and dancers including DJ Dragonfly DJ Sep, Dhamaal, Cheb i Sabbah, Soulsalaam, Ultra Gypsy, Urban Tribal, Dhol Rhythms, Nitin Sawhney, Lorin, Nader, Unmata, Midival Punditz, Sila and the Afrofunk Experience, SooozhyQ, Beats Without Borders, State of Bengal, Karsh Kale, Sub Swara, Frederique, Ariellah, Freyja, Zoe, Rachel Brice and others.

Producer and resident of the bay area's Global Gypsy night ELECTRIC VARDO, Amar regularly performs at SFs hottest venues including Club Six, DNA Lounge, Nickie's, 1015 Folsom, 111 Minna, Mighty, El Rio, Underground SF, Rickshaw Stop & Elbo Room with Dhamaal, Nonstop Bhangra, Triple Power, Worldly, & the Groove Garden, plus other ongoing and special events & festivals in CA, Oregon, Hawaii, Canada & beyond.

. the extended Dark Family .


UNMATA is a professional, multi-award-winning, bellydance fusion troupe based in Sacramento, CA .Formed in 2003 by Hot Pot Studio’s artistic director Amy Sigil, UNMATA’s current members are Shelly DeCant, Luna Taylor, Casey Staub, and Kari VanderZwaag.

The high-energy teamforce of UNMATA is known for extreme choreography, inventive Tribal improvisation, and for tapping into an unmistakable divine inebriation on and off stage.

UNMATA’s 2007 agenda includes teaching and performing their distinct “Tough Love” style nationally and internationally, tri-hosting the first annual Tribal Throwdown in March, and producing the Seventh Annual Blood Moon Regale in Sacramento on Halloween weekend.

UNMATA holds the 2007 title “Tribal Fusion Group of the Universe.”

Amy Sigil will be teaching her UNMATA 110% workshop on Sunday. See Workshops link above.

Romka . . . Mavi & Belladonna

Washington DC's premier tribal fusion duo Romka mingles the ancient and modern to create a new and captivating performance experience. Romka dances along the edge of tribal and fusion belly dance through skilled fusion of global dance forms and cultural elements.


Mavi is a Washington, DC-based belly dance artist known for sensual grace and compelling presence. She has shared the stage with national and international acts, including the Peter Murphy, the Dresden Dolls, and Corvus Corax.

With her partner Belladonna, she performs and teaches with the tribal fusion dance company Romka. Mavi is also a member of DCTribal, a collective of tribal belly dancers.


Serpentine is Portlands Premiere Theatrical Fire Fusion Bellydance Troupe created by Aradia and Lucretia Renee.

This innovative duet explores the ancient art of storytelling through spectacle and ritual using eclectic musical influences from Arabic, Indian, Goth, Experimental, and more.

Along with creating our own costumes, stage props, and fire dancing equipment, Serpentine collaborates with various performers and musicians always resulting in a unique experience.

Serpentine honors, borrows, and blends old myths entrancing audiences everywhere. Sets are either improvisational, elaborately choreographed, or both. Ignite and share in the unveiling process of reclaiming the dark and spinning back into the light.


Sashi is an internationally recognized performer, instructor and choreographer based in Orange County, California. Sashi has been a student of dance for nineteen years and began studying African Haitian and West African dance while a student at San Francisco State University.

In the years following, Sashi found Middle Eastern dance to be the style she was most drawn to as it spoke to her Semitic roots and aesthetic interests. She has studied many forms of Middle Eastern dance including American Tribal Style Bellydance, Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Gothic Bellydance, Egyptian and Lebanese Cabaret Bellydance, Israeli and Turkish Debke, Saidi, and Nubian Folkloric dances.

She is most recognized for her alluring and dynamic performances of Gothic Tribal Fusion Bellydance and Improvisational Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

Inspired by the “Spirit of the Dance”, Sashi views bellydance as the honoring of the divine feminine by creating spiritual and physical unions through movement.



Lapsus. creepy. experimental. the sensual succubi of intoxicating night terrors. exploring the darkness of the mind's eye. She that challenges. She that places fear in the hearts of the weak.

Part of the ever-changing and rapidly-evolving American belly dance revolution, Lapsus performs American Tribal Fusion Bellydance incorporating fire, theatrics, evocative music, and other dark delights. Lapsus places no limits on the collective creative output, nor can define what it may or may not become.

Based in the SF Bay Area and on/off since 2000, Lapsus is a bellydance collective currently consisting of founding members Keri Langwell and Meliza Wells, and newest members Erin Harper, Andrea Costantino, and Tanja Odzak. Lapsus's long and vivid history, boasts the priviledge to have danced with many notable, talented and beautiful performers.
Past members: Shawna Rai, Sharon Kihara, Jo Dankosky, Carrie Arata, Deb Campbell. Guest Performers: Ariellah

~ In our arms, you are safe... probably...

Jennifer Faust

-- NOTE: Due to family medical circumstances, Jennifer will be
out of town and will not be performing this year at Shadowdance. She will join us Next Year for sure --

Jennifer Faust began dancing at the age of three and trained in classical and contemporary ballet for 16 years before discovering bellydance.

She fell in love with the art form after seeing Ultra Gypsy's first Undulation and began immediate study with Jill Parker. Jennifer was then asked to join the Suhaila Dance Company and was a member from 2005-2006. Jennifer then sought out and trained with Ariellah Aflalo and is currently an honored member of Ariellah's bellydance troupe.

Jennifer also collaborates with good friend Freyja and while pursuing a solo career. In her 'spare time' Jennifer is a Registered Nurse and trains in Muay Thai Kickboxing.


Opium's Queen at the threshold of aggression. The bondage of flesh, and temptation of mind. Anathematic hands cross boundaries of ritual and divinity.

AIXELA is choreographed by Zaskia (The Black Sun, Headless Lizzy & Her Icebox Pussy) and Syrai (VIAL Magazine, Orbis Nex).


Mitara is a belly dance performer,who just migrated from the east coast,
Boston, MA, to the west, Oakland, Ca.

Beginning her dance career in the southeastern United States, her dance studies include Tango, Flamenco, Egyptian, American cabaret, tribal fusion, and ATS tribal styles.

She is known for her unique stage presence, world fusion themed pieces, and spellbinding double sword routines. Her love of dance has taken her all over the US and the World.


Anaar is a long time practicing witch in the Feri Tradition and brings to her performances a large body of dark lore and ritual.

Her body of work focus on sensual ecstasy and expressionistic storytelling. She walks between the worlds, dancing between technique and passion. Every performance is an homage to her Triple Muse; Mystery, Power and Ritual.

Fear not to step into the circle, Fear not to dance with the Fey.

DJ Decay

His focus has always about the feelings evoked by the music and the community it creates.

He's always approached this responsibility exactly the same way. He never plans a set. He's never routine or predictable. . He never just 'settles' for what's current or being played by every other DJ. He puts on a track and goes from there and gladly takes you with him. His versatility enables him to adapt to any crowd or environment. His style ranges from standard gothic and industrial, with some strange tendencies, to synth-pop and eighties but he might surprise you with some dark, dirty secrets, too. DJing has enabled him to get closer to the music and has given him the first opportunity to express all that he has to offer.

David, "Decay" has accumulated a variety of credits and has been promoting a weekly club every Monday for the last fourteen years. He has also has played with and for some of the top bands in this genre, old and new.

Decay currently holds a weekly residency at Death Guild, in San Francisco, (one of the longest running clubs in the world). He also has multiple guest spots all over the bay area and country.

Erebus Lavoie:

Erebus performs tribal fusion and gothic belly dance in the bay area. She is
also the Co-director of the Solano county based tribal fusion dance troupe,

A life long obsession with all things dark she embraces the opportunity to entertain fusing her gothic repertoire with belly dance. Her inspirations include vampires Tim Burton and other things that go bump in the night.

Early in her career she studied traditional Egyptian cabaret under the direction of Solano County belly dancer, Jenia. Today she studies gothic belly dance under the direction of the dark goddess herself, Ariellah. Erebus had also has studied with dancers Rachel Brice and Jill Parker.


Bio coming soon


Bio coming soon


Currently residing in San Francisco, Auberon is a master of American Tribal style dance, Afro Cuban dance, a Yoga and Martial arts, Modern dance and Spanish forms of dance from Flamenco to Salsa.

Surprise Guest (s)

? . ? . ? . . .

- Mistress of Ceremonies

our MC for the night

Little Boy Blue
- Stage Manager

After almost a lifetime of working as a desposable cigarette lighter repairman in Europe, Bruce now lives as a hobo in the United States, traveling from state to state, juggling rats, birds and insects for food, and sometimes he can be seen doing cartwheels behind hot dog vendors.

During his off season, he enjoys needlepoint work and stage managing.



- Visuals




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